Focal GOGGLE technology


MagClip Lens System

With traditional motocross goggles, exchanging your lens becomes an intricate task of lining up tabs; squeezing one side, just for the other to pop out. The Focal MagClip System allows for a hassle free lens exchange in under 10 seconds. Every Focal frame is equipped with an innovative magnetic pattern which allows for your lens to simply snap into place. Unlike other magnetic options, the lens is secured by 2 fast clips on either side for complete security. Snap, click and you’re ready to go.



The Focal X comes equipped with our advanced poly-carbonate FOCAL 4K lens construction. A resilient anti-fog, anti-scratch coating provides unmatched clarity in all conditions. Paired with UV400 protection Focal 4K eliminates eye fatigue, allowing you to perform in harsh lighting without compromising safety.


UV400 Protection

The UV400 lenses block light rays including all harmful UVA, UVB & UVC with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers, regardless of weather conditions.


Extensive Field Of View

We understand the importance of both central and peripheral vision. Our frame maximizes your field of view, giving you the ability to defend lines and see where your competition simply will not..


Advanced 360° Ventilation

There is nothing worse than a goggle that traps heat, blinding you with sweat and fog. We at Focal have committed ourselves to designing goggles that will breathe no matter what speed. Our frame has 360 degrees of both intake and exhaust vents allowing for industry leading heat displacement.


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