Ambassadorship FAQ's

Everyone. Your age, location, gender or discipline does not matter.

Everyone. Friends, family, community or fans and followers.

Some of your options include:

  • Share our edited videos and photos all on your social media accounts or create new ones specifically for uploading Focal Elite content, with your referral link, linked in the bio.
  • Purchase our products with a 25% OFF discount and create your own video and photo content that is specific to your audience. The discount code is: AMB25 (apply it at checkout when purchasing).
  • Simply word of mouth, on tracks, events or to friends.

Every new ambassador gets 10% off each sale. We track each of your progress and results to be able to recognise who markets our brand correctly, then we reevaluate further support like full sponsorships, prizes and even employment opportunities.

Everyone purchasing through your link or coupon code, receives a 15% OFF discount.

The code will never expire unless we close the Ambassador Program.

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